A Review of Unmet Needs in Obesity Management

A Review of Unmet Needs in Obesity Management

A paper published in the March 2012 issue of Obesity Surgery, examines current obesity treatments and outcomes, identifies prominent areas of unmet clinical needs, and provides an overview of minimally invasive weight loss procedures that may address some of the unmet needs in obesity management.

The authors indicate that while many medical weight loss therapies are initially effective, their efficacy decreases over time. For morbid obesity, bariatric surgery has proven to be a highly effective treatment option, but many patients are deterred by potential risks, and it may not be appropriate for select categories of patients. The authors conclude that at publication, there is a treatment gap in addressing obesity.

To meet the needs of BMI 30-40 adult patients, the authors discuss new minimally invasive bariatric surgery alternatives, including intragastric balloons, like the ReShape™ Integrated Dual Balloon.

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The ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System is indicated for weight reduction when used in conjunction with diet and exercise, in obese patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 – 40 kg/m2 and one or more obesity-related comorbid conditions. It is indicated for use in adult patients who have failed weight reduction with diet and exercise alone.

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