The next generation of ReShape Calibration Tubes

Introducing the ReShape Calibration Tubes product family with three new sizes, providing more flexibility.
Designed for use in gastric and bariatric surgical procedures.
Only the ReShape Calibration Tubes include a balloon for ease of use in your procedures.

How the ReShape Calibration Tubes work

1. Balloon Inflates

Pulling the inflated balloon identifies the location of the GE junction and can indicate anatomical defects.

2. Decompresses stomach

by removing gastric fluids.

3. Establishes visible boundaries

for gastric dissection, band placement or staple resection.

Our ReShape Calibration Tubes™ give you options and a one stop shop for trusted ReShape Lifesciences® products.


The new ReShape Calibration Tubes offer a 7.7 inch (20 cm) longer length compared to the trusted B-2017 Calibration Tube.

Calibration Tube Size Options

b-2017 calibration tube


29 French
Dual Lumen

b-2032 calibration tube


32 French
Dual Lumen

b-2036 calibration tube


36 French
Dual Lumen

b-2040 calibration tube


40 French
Dual Lumen

Introducing the New Three-Way Stop Cock


Helps identify anatomical
structures and defects.

Length Markers

Markers are provided at 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, and 60cm*

*B-2017 markers are provided at 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50cm.

Three-Way Stop Cock

Keeps connectivity to suction and irrigation at all times, with no downtime with switching lines.

Three-way stop cock not a feature on B-2017

Atraumatic Distal Tip

Helps reduce risk of tissue trauma during insertion.

Suction Eyelets

Allows for decompression and irrigation of the stomach while minimizing tissue damage.

The ReShape Lifesciences® Gastric Balloon Suction Catheter


We also offer the dual lumen Gastric Balloon Catheter which utilizes one lumen for drainage, suction, and irrigation and the second lumen to inflate or deflate the calibration balloon.

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