FDA Approval of the <em>ReShape</em><sup>®</sup> Procedure Covered in Latinos Health

FDA Approval of the ReShape® Procedure Covered in Latinos Health

Weight Loss News Update: FDA Approves ReShape Dual Balloon Device for Obesity Treatment

Obesity is a global concern and with individuals looking for the best way to help them in their weight management journey, medical technology has been in constant search of how to further improve and develop weight loss treatments. Fortunately, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved yet another method that can definitely aid obese individuals who are having difficulties in losing weight.

Last Tuesday, the FDA has approved the use of the ReShape Dual Balloon System, a temporary balloon device implant that can take up space in the stomach and provide a feeling of fullness in the individual, Philly Health reports. This device will be inside an individual for six months and will be implanted by a minimally invasive endoscope though the mouth going to the stomach. The patient will be mildly sedated and the outpatient procedure will last for about 30 minutes or less.

FDA explains that the balloon device will not alter the anatomy of the stomach and the patients will be under medical supervision during the entire process for their diet and workout plans. This is to ensure that the patients will lose weight and continue to do so even after the device has been removed.

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