New US Study Reveals Key Reasons Why Millions of People with Obesity Are Not Receiving Adequate Care

New US Study Reveals Key Reasons Why Millions of People with Obesity Are Not Receiving Adequate Care

After decades of sharp increases in obesity, a newly published survey called ACTION (Awareness, Care & Treatment In Obesity Management) finds that few of the 90 million+ Americans with obesity are seeking and receiving long-term obesity care.

Among the significant findings is that out of the 71 percent of people with obesity who say they have spoken with a healthcare professional about their weight loss in the past five years, only 55 percent have been given a diagnosis of obesity, and less than a quarter were offered follow-up care.

“We in the healthcare community must ask why this epidemic is not being diagnosed and treated with the same urgency and focus as other serious diseases,” said Dr. Lee Kaplan, director of the Obesity, Metabolism and Nutrition Institute at Massachusetts General Hospital, ACTION steering committee member and lead author of the study. “We need to fundamentally rethink obesity so that the public and healthcare community understand more about the biology, chronicity, and overall health impact of this disease. Real progress can be achieved if we can overcome the entrenched mindsets that generate the barriers of this study.”

The prevalence of obesity is a public health issue that has severe cost implications to the healthcare system. It’s estimated that there are over 60 million people with mild-to-moderate obesity. Many of them have tried traditional weight loss methods and are frustrated with the lack of results.

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