Food World News Announces the <em>ReShape</em><sup>®</sup> Procedure

Food World News Announces the ReShape® Procedure

Weight Loss Balloon: FDA Approves Balloon Device For Obesity Epidemic – This Is How Non-Surgical Method Works

As the obesity epidemic becomes a growing health concern all over the world and particularly in countries such as the United States, the Food and Drug Administration analyzes more and more new methods to shed pounds as citizens strive for healthier bodies – and the most recent treatment of the kind of a weight loss balloon.

The FDA press release regarding the weight loss balloon relates the device is called the ReShape Integrated Dual Balloon System (ReShape Dual Balloon), and it’s intended to make weight loss easier for adult patients with obesity by occupying space in the stomach, triggering feelings of fullness.

The new weight loss balloon is a temporary device planted on a person’s stomach through a minimally invasive procedure (which lasts less than 30 minutes while the patient is under mild sedation) and should be used for no more than six months to treat cases of severe obesity.

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