DeviceTalks Episode Features <em>ReShape Medical</em><sup>®</sup> CEO Richard Thompson

DeviceTalks Episode Features ReShape Medical® CEO Richard Thompson

How Reshape Medical built an alternative to bariatric surgery for obesity | DeviceTalks Podcast

In this episode of DeviceTalks, we speak with Richard Thompson, CEO of ReShape Medical, about the company’s bariatric surgery alternative for people suffering from obesity.

In July, San Clemente, Calif.-based ReShape won pre-market approval from the FDA for its dual balloon system, indicated to facilitate weight loss in obese adult patients. The system is designed to be inserted endoscopically into the stomach, where it remains for 6 months to help patients feel full. The balloon is meant to be temporary and patients with the device undergo supervised diet and exercise plans to maintain weight loss following its removal, according to ReShape.

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