Christiana Institute of Advanced Surgery, Isaias Irgau, MD, FACS, FRCS; Caitlin Halbert, DO, MS

One of the ways to ensure excellent clinical outcomes is by choosing the best available technology. Many physicians and healthcare specialists understand this and are now choosing the ReShape Procedure because its dual balloon technology and comprehensive coaching that offers intuitive advantages to patients.

“Adding the ReShape intragastric balloon to our practice has been an amazing experience,” said Dr. Caitlin Halbert. “We can now offer a low risk, effective weight loss procedure for patients ready to make a change in their lives.”

Mayda was ready to lose weight. As a family practitioner, Mayda saw many of her patients suffer from weight problems and diseases associated with obesity. She felt horrible when she advised them to eat right and exercise in order to help correct their health issues while she herself was overweight. She tried to lose weight on her own, but was unsuccessful, and still relied on blood pressure medication daily. She knew she had to make a drastic change.

“Mayda was the perfect patient for the ReShape intragastric balloon. She was ready and eager to make a positive change in her health. The ReShape dual balloon helped propel her towards her goal and she continues to use the tools learned to maintain her weight loss,” said Halbert.

“Two weeks after the ReShape Procedure, I was off my blood pressure medication and feeling great,” said Mayda. “I continue to inspire several patients, family, and friends to be healthy and exercise. The journey is not over, but thanks to ReShape, I am committed to my body and health.”

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