New Option to Jump Start Weight Loss

New Option to Jump Start Weight Loss

A new intragastric weight loss balloon procedure known as ReShape® is now available at SSM Health Weight Management Services in St. Louis, MI. Approved by the FDA, the procedure is considered to be an excellent option for adult patients with a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 to 40 who want to jump start their weight loss by up to 50 pounds.

The ReShape dual gastric balloon is inserted endoscopically through the mouth and into a patient’s stomach. The intragastric balloon does not alter the anatomy of the stomach and after six months, it’s deflated and removed. The ReShape weight loss balloon also has a higher filling capacity than any other single gastric balloon to help patients feel full and less hungry.

“Patients are telling me that they have very good satiety or feeling of fullness, they’re able to eat less, and a lot of them will say that they don’t feel hungry or have those cravings in between meals,” said Dr. Andrew Wheeler of SMM Health Weight Management Services.

As part of the ReShape Procedure, patients also receive 12 months of personalized coaching to support their success and encourage permanent lifestyle changes, a wireless scale, resources to help them stay on track and reach their goals, and exclusive access to a patient portal to track progress, activity, and food intake.

“A lot of people – if they can achieve that significant jump start and lose a lot of weight in those first few months – that positive reinforcement really helps people achieve their goals. And what we’ve found is with the balloon there is usually three times higher amount of weight loss than with just diet and exercise alone,” said Wheeler.

With the ReShape Procedure, healthcare professionals have the opportunity to address a huge, unmet need in weight loss by helping thousands of people achieve life-changing weight loss without surgery. ReShape also provides resources to help practices and staff explain the procedure, set expectations, and start patients on the right track.

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