Digestive Health Specialist, Dr. Travis Rutland

An early adopter of the ReShape® non-surgical dual balloon weight loss system, Dr. Travis Rutland has seen a steady increase in patient volume since integrating the ReShape Procedure into his practice.

In Dr. Rutland’s practice, patients such as Kay have experienced tremendous success with ReShape. With their success, Dr. Rutland and the Digestive Health Specialists, have seen an increase in patient referrals, and the increase in demand for the ReShape Procedure has been rewarding.

“Digestive Health Specialists of the Southeast is very proud of Kay, “said Dr. Rutland. “She has been a great success story in our ReShape program here in Dothan, Alabama. She has been very dedicated to achieving her goals, and ReShape has facilitated this.”

Kay had been struggling with her weight for over 20 years. After hearing about ReShape, she was excited to learn about the non-invasive procedure, customized coaching, and tools that would not only help her lose weight, but keep it off for good.

“For many years, I would sit on the sidelines and watch as everyone else was living life to the fullest,” said Kay. “My weight gain caused me to reach a very low point in my life where I no longer enjoyed going out with family and friends.”

After the procedure, Kay lost 51 pounds, and has made permanent healthy lifestyle habits that will help her maintain her optimal weight.

For more information about ReShape and how it can help your patients lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle, click here.