ReShape Success Story $5,000 Winner from BMI Clinic at Stanford, John Morton, MD

Every day, Dr. John Morton hears stories about his patients and their emotional relationship with food. The common thread with all of these stories is the low self-esteem, sadness, and defeat they feel after losing weight, only to gain it all back, and then some. One of these patients, Mariam, decided to undergo the ReShape® Procedure after struggling with her weight all her life.

ReShape has taught me how to build a healthy relationship with food, as well as self-control, and how I have power over food,” said Mariam. “Now, I understand the importance of fueling my body with the nutrients I need in order to have a successful and healthy day.”

Mariam has also learned how to incorporate exercise and healthy lifestyle habits, thanks to Dr. Morton and ReShape. With the help of the program’s dual weight loss balloon technology, one year of comprehensive coaching, and proven weight loss, she has lost a total of 62 pounds, and is confident that she will continue to lose even more weight and maintain her healthy lifestyle.

“The ReShape intragastric balloon made a big difference in Mariam’s life,” said Dr. Morton. “By losing weight, she gained health and quality of life. I’m so glad we have this non-surgical option for all of our patients in need.”

ReShape provides everything a practice needs to explain the gastric balloon procedure, set expectations, and start patients on the right track to maximize weight loss. For more information about ReShape and how it can help your patients lose weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle, click here.