strong>ReShape Success Story $5,000 Winner from Houston Surgical Specialists, Robert G. Marvin, MD

There are several reasons why adults gradually gain weight. For most, it’s because they become less active as they get older, while continuing to eat as much as they did in their 20s. This is exactly what happened to Dr. Robert Marvin’s patient, Lynda.

“I was always very active and taught aerobics when I was younger,” said Lynda. “For the past 10 years, I slacked off, gained weight, and started having problems with my knees – a direct result from my weight gain. I was no longer able to do all the activities I used to love. All because I was carrying around an extra 50 pounds.”

After learning about the ReShape® weight loss balloon, Lynda decided to make an appointment with Dr. Marvin to get more information. “Dr. Marvin was very encouraging and very truthful about the ReShape Procedure. While he explained that the dual gastric balloons would help curb my appetite, he stressed how much I needed to commit to exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but assured me he would be there to help me along the way.”

To date, Lynda has lost 40 pounds and continues to lose weight even after the weight loss balloons were removed. “I now have the willpower and confidence to accomplish my weight loss goals. I walk two-to-three miles a day, take yoga, and wake up every morning looking forward to a new day!”

With the help of Dr. Marvin and the ReShape  dual weight loss balloon and comprehensive coaching program, Lynda now knows what it takes to maintain her new lifestyle, and looks forward to losing even more weight.

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