Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age

Losing It in the Anti-Dieting Age

Often, when we talk to new patients and ask them to describe their nutritional goals, they say they want to be thin and stay thin. But a new article recently published in The New York Times suggests that individuals who are trying to shed pounds no longer want to talk about “dieting” and “weight loss.” Instead, they are focusing on becoming “healthy” so they can be “fit,” and want to “eat clean” so they can be “strong.”

The article also suggests that this change in attitude seems to be brought on by the idea that dieting is not only grueling but it doesn’t always equate to long-term weight loss. As the public is beginning to realize that being healthy is more important than achieving a “perfect” body or reaching that “magic” number on the scale, industries such as women’s magazines have taken notice. Previous headlines reading “Drop two sizes!” and “How to get a bikini body” now read “Get fit! Be your healthiest!”

The rise of body-positive images and posts on popular social media sites also suggest that individuals are beginning to focus more on health and less on being skinny. While this attitude is extremely important for someone to concentrate on while he or she is trying to lose weight, not everyone is the same. Some need more education and one-on-one counseling when trying to understand that long-term weight loss is primarily achieved when major lifestyle changes are implemented and adopted for life.

With the ReShape® weight loss program, you can help patients achieve long-term weight loss through a non-surgical, temporary implant and personalized weight loss plan that focuses on your patient finding a healthy version of themselves that they can be proud of. The 12-month program begins with the ReShape Procedure that jump starts a patient’s weight loss with the temporary placement of a dual intragastric balloon. The unique dual weight loss balloon has a higher filling capacity than any single gastric balloon to help your patient feel full and less hungry. In fact, data shows that ReShape patients have lost up to 81 pounds in just six months.*

The ReShape weight loss program also gives you the opportunity to address a huge unmet need in weight loss. A recent survey showed that the majority of mild to moderately obese people in the US have considered weight loss surgery but are ultimately unwilling to take that step. With ReShape, you have the ability to offer a non-surgical, cash-pay medical intervention option to a patient population that’s actively looking for a solution.

To help you reach this new patient population, ReShape provides marketing and public relations tools to help you promote the program. Your practice will receive resources to help you and your staff explain the procedure, set expectations, and start patients on the right track.

Click here for more information on the tools and resources included in the ReShape weight loss program to help you easily integrate it into your practice.

*Results and patient experience may vary.
A quantitative study of 400 US consumers online. Data on file, ReShape Medical, Inc.