Medical Edge Reports: Life-changing Weight Loss

Medical Edge Reports: Life-changing Weight Loss

Kristin Niermeyer has struggled with her weight and dieting her whole life. As a fire-fighter and EMT, Niermeyer felt that her weight was getting in the way. That’s when she turned to Dr. Trace Curry.

Dr. Curry recommended the ReShape® Procedure for Niermeyer. The procedure includes placing two connected gastric balloons into the stomach through a simple, outpatient procedure. Performed under light anesthesia, the dual gastric balloon is inserted into the stomach and filled with saline, or salt water solution. In total, the procedure is performed in about 20 minutes, does not require any incisions, and does not make any changes to a patient’s anatomy. With ReShape, the gastric balloons stay in place for six months.

“And [the ReShape balloon] basically occupies space in the patients stomach so they get full earlier and they are less hungry after the procedure,” said Dr. Curry, “The patients will feel full earlier mainly because of the space the balloon takes up in the stomach. So they are going to lose weight because the portion sizes will be much smaller.”

The ReShape Procedure also emphasizes lifestyle changes, which is why every ReShape patient receives one year of exercise and diet coaching. The ReShape personalized coaching program takes a patient’s schedule, habits, and personal needs into consideration. ReShape patients are also provided with an activity tracker, wireless scale, and access to the exclusive ReShape patient portal to help them stay on track.

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