<em>ReShape</em> Weight-loss Procedure Comes to Iowa

ReShape Weight-loss Procedure Comes to Iowa

Mercy Iowa City general bariatric surgeon Shrieesh Saurabh discusses the advantages of the ReShape® intragastric balloon and explains how this non-invasive treatment may be the answer for many individuals looking to lose weight and keep it off for good.

The ReShape intragastric balloon was first approved by the FDA in July 2015, and is a non-surgical approach to weight loss for patients that do not quality for traditional weight loss surgery. The procedure involves the endoscopic placement of two deflated intragastric balloons into a patient’s stomach. Once in place, the intragastric balloons are filled with saline, taking up room in the stomach and leaving less room for food. In total, the non-surgical, outpatient procedure takes about 20 minutes. After six months, the intragastric balloons must be removed. Both the ReShape insertion and removal procedures are performed endoscopically and do not require x-ray or other specialized imaging. The ReShape program also includes a year of customized coaching that focuses on helping patients make permanent lifestyle changes.

“A balloon by itself is not very helpful,” said Dr. Saurabh, “But if you combine it with long lifestyle changes, dietitian visits, good coaching…it can do wonders for patients. In the long run, it might be a game-changer, I think.”

With the help of the ReShape intragastric balloons and one year of customized coaching, patients all across the country are reaching their weight loss goals and keeping the weight off for good. Recent ReShape data shows that with the help of the ReShape intragastric balloon and coaching from weight loss experts, patients are losing up to 81 pounds in just six months, with many patients keeping the weight off even after the intragastric balloons are removed. Learn more about how you can help patients with a BMI of 30 to 40 achieve life-changing weight loss without surgery.